YLD announces a merger with Make Us Proud

Digital consultancy YLD has announced a merger with digital product design agency Make Us Proud. Anthony Mann, previously CEO of Make Us Proud, will now take the role of Co-founder at YLD & CPO at YLD Labs. He had this to say on the partnership;

“At Make Us Proud we started with a mission to demonstrate that great products are the result of brilliant technology teams working as close to the customer as possible. We knew technology is the most creative medium we can work in today, and is fundamental to growing the most incredible businesses.”

Over its four years, Make Us Proud enabled over £300 million in investment and exits for startups, and drove even more value through innovation with established tech and non-tech companies including Canon, Joyent (now part of Samsung), Microsoft and Google.

YLD and Make Us Proud teams join together to celebrate the partnership

YLD’s Founder & CEO Nuno Job met Anthony mere months from when both companies were started. YLD was focused on driving cutting-edge open source technology within companies, creating platforms and services that were the enablers of innovation and vision. Anthony felt that they did this at an unrivalled level of quality and integrity in engineering.

Anthony showed Nuno an idea that Make Us Proud had been working on; a composable system of React.js components that let users assemble new ideas for interfaces extremely quickly (this methodology has now grown into what we see today as Design Systems) and the two discussed how they were achieving similar outcomes with composable micro-services and scalable architecture to compose better systems. Nuno explains;

“There was a clear match in our two approaches from day one. The Make Us Proud teams consistently and diligently drove great design and implementation through technology. We really believe that the two companies working in tandem can orchestrate real innovation and create some fundamental changes in today’s technological landscape.”

Now, years later the two are empowering the entire stack of technologies and methodologies that drive technology agility in some of the best companies in the world. It’s highly likely you’ve used a product that YLD, Make Us Proud or both companies have worked on. And as a duo, known as YLD they intend to build incredible technology companies.

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Written by YLDAugust 12th, 2019

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