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We created an application management platform that incorporates Joyent’s cloud infrastructure service and application orchestration software, ContainerPilot.

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We created an application management platform that incorporates Joyent’s cloud infrastructure service and application orchestration software, ContainerPilot.

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By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies with a strong focus on open-source development, we upskill your teams with a shared mindset of engineering excellence.

Why use Open Source?

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Community support

Open source technologies are supported by knowledgeable and resourceful communities. Their collective contributions result in more robust, innovative and faster solutions. Furthermore, allowing open source communities to review the code and propose improvements increases security and reliability.

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Full control

Using open source technology means transparency and access to the code, which allows faster bug fixes and custom feature development. Clients are no longer dependent on tech vendors and gain full control over the code base.

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Attract talent

Opening up the code base is a channel engage with exceptional engineers in the community. It also allows in-house talent to showcase their individual contributions, giving visibility to both the team and to the company.

Clients we helped with open source

Open deliverables

YLD clients are fully in control of how their software is developed - whether is proprietary, open source or a mix of both. Proprietary deliverables are critical, specific to the business and are generally unavailable to the public. Open deliverables are abstract - not business specific - and are accessible to the community.

By choosing to open up appropriate parts of the code, YLD clients can harness the vast resources of the open source community and contribute back to it, facilitating rapid, mutually beneficial innovation.

Have a look at the open deliverables from some of our clients

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Our engineers have made
3083 contributions to
843 open source projects

We pride ourselves of being avid open source contributors.
Do you think you can improve our code? Just go ahead.


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We’re dedicated to building a community and provide a space for great minds to come together.

Our technology partnerships

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Silver member

YLD was one of the first members of the Node.js Foundation, whose purpose is to support the ongoing growth and evolution of the Node.js platform, while maintaining a collaborative environment that benefits all.

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Silver member

We are members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, whose purpose is to foster the community by sustaining and integrating open-source technologies such as Kubernetes and orchestrating containers as part of a microservices architecture.

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Authorised partner

An authorised partner of Docker, we're trusted to implement their technology and teach best practices to our clients. They consider YLD among those that represent the benchmark of quality in terms of implementation of their technology.