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Intellectual curiosity, knowledge-sharing, and constructive feedback are the foundation of our culture.

Our typical
hiring journey

We prioritise open communication and timely feedback throughout our process to ensure a positive and transparent experience. While our interview process may vary for different roles, our talent partners will guide you every step of the way.
Talent chat
Initial call to get to know you better.
Take home challenge
Assess your skills for the role.
Skills interview
Conversation to see how your skills fit in the team.
What others are saying:

YLD is a Top 10 UK Tech Talent Employer

How we work

Find solutions to compelling problems
Tackle our clients’ most formidable challenges with your expertise across diverse projects. We strive to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.
Inclusive environment
We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where every team member's unique perspective and ideas are valued.
Real-world impact
Drive positive change by navigating fast-evolving technologies across industries like healthcare, finance, media, internet services, and education.
Continuous learning
Access training, workshops, and conferences for your growth. We invest in your development to fuel your career journey.
We prioritise work-life balance and well-being for our people. Experience the flexibility of working remotely or from our offices in London, Lisbon, and Porto.
Build strong bonds
Close collaboration defines our work with client teams, whether at their office or ours, with strong support from our thriving YLD community.

Epic perks

Beyond the standard free coffee and snacks in the office, our team's well-being is our top priority so we offer amazing benefits to our employees wherever they are based!

We can only be as good as our people

Transparency and support go hand in hand as our people openly share their daily experiences and challenges. We collaborate, learn, thrive, and enjoy our journey together. Get a glimpse into our culture.
One of the things that I love about the working culture at YLD is that I'm empowered to make any change or improvement if I want to. Most recently, I've changed how we structured one of our biggest teams and it felt really good to be supported in doing that.
Jessica McCallum
Senior Client Partner
The achievement I am most proud of is the opportunity to contribute to several medical and scientific research platforms… It might sound a bit cheesy, but the fulfilment of creating something that will enhance someone's life is truly satisfying.
James Hevey
Product Designer
What I love most about my role is the opportunity to connect with numerous incredible individuals and learn from each of them. When candidates join the YLD team, we are committed to supporting and pushing them forward—we want to witness their growth and success.
Addi Rodrigues
Talent Acquisition Partner
As a team, we challenge each other technically and strive to provide the best possible results for our clients. Everyone in the company works together and cares for everyone else; we cultivate friendship amongst ourselves and it's this community that really makes YLD special.
João Guimarães
Software Engineer

Our locations:
London, Lisbon, or Porto

Decide your work setting: remote or in the office. We value balance, teamwork, and diversity. We don't require set office days – it's just not our style.