Championing Mental Wellbeing: A Personal Story

In our fast-paced world, where our lives are often an unending series of responsibilities and obligations, it’s all too common to neglect our mental well-being. As we commemorate World Mental Health Day, we’re eager to highlight the perspectives of one of our team members when it comes to prioritising their mental health:

Christine Lasa, Community & Content Lead

Moving to the UK from The Philippines was a long-time dream which I worked hard for. I was surprised at some of the big challenges that came up. In my first job in the UK, I was going through therapy which was a benefit provided by the company. Therapy helped me while I was juggling my personal life, getting used to living in a new country, and my new job. Less than a year into my new job, the company made hundreds of redundancies. I was one of them which left me in a situation where I couldn’t continue my therapy.

When I initially joined YLD, I was especially curious about accessing,
as one of YLD’s company benefits. While I was thrilled to be employed in a tech company doing what I love (marketing), I still wanted to work on my mental well-being. It was important to me to feel supported and to be able to thrive in my new role at work and in my personal life, which therapy has helped me do.

Eventually, I made the decision to try the therapy course provided by Spill. It was awesome to find a therapist who I’m compatible with and who offered professional guidance, compassion and support which I needed in a new country.

I continue to engage in meaningful conversations with this incredible therapist even to this day.

Reflecting on my overall well-being, from the moment I started my chapter at YLD to where I am now, I find myself profoundly grateful and a lot happier with my life.

YLD supports its employees’ well-being on Mental Health Day and all year round, especially in providing resources for life’s challenges and mental health. This reflects the company’s genuine care, making it an outstanding place to work.

Championing Mental Wellbeing: A Personal Story
was originally published in YLD Blog on Medium.
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