We’re a software engineering and design consultancy, helping you succeed by moving your team from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning.

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Offering some of the best engineers and designers in Europe, we augment your talent and deliver solutions so that you out-perform in your market.

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With newly elevated skills and knowledge, you’re able to continuously innovate long after YLD’s involvement has ended.

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Your success is supported by our expertise in agile transformation, innovative technology and product design.

Our teams

Nuno Job

Nuno Job

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer - YLD

Nuno is the Co-founder and CEO of YLD Group. Previously he was the Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu, where he was responsible for the world's largest Node.js cloud, providing extensive contributions to the success of Node.js. Nuno's formative work years were spent in the USA at IBM Research and MarkLogic. He is also a proud Stanford alumni.


Anthony Mann

Co-founder - YLD & YLD Labs

Anthony is co-founder of YLD and runs YLD Labs, a subsidiary YLD company that focuses on ventures. He previously worked at Apple and then founded digital product agency, Make Us Proud, now part of YLD. Anthony has experience designing the next generation of digital products, web marketing, and establishing the best Design Systems practises.

Tracey Bianchi

Tracey Bianchi

Chief Financial Officer - YLD

Tracey is responsible for all financial internal controls and for providing strategic recommendations based on financial analysis and projections, and revenue/ expense analysis. Previously Tracey worked at the Royal Society and the British Safety Council. She is a Stanford alumna.

Bradley Stott

Bradley Stott

Chief Operations Officer - YLD

Bradley oversees company operations, client relationships, and the people function of YLD. Previously he managed teams in the technology recruitment world, focussing on cutting-edge technologies and building many highly skilled software engineering teams across London.

Greta Strolyte

Greta Strolyte

Marketing and Community Manager - YLD

Greta heads up marketing at YLD, focusing on growth by bringing our client and tech communities together. Previously she worked in marketing and events at technology and non-profit organisations.

Gareth Scrivens

Gareth Scrivens

Associate Partner - YLD

Gareth leads our Professional Services organisation, and ensures our clients receive the right blend of our engineering, design and delivery talent to make them successful. He is a proven technology leader with over 20 years experience delivering user-focussed software solutions for a wide range of enterprise clients, while working for IBM iX, AKQA and Capgemini

Fabio Oliveira

Fabio Oliveira

Managing Director - YLD Portugal, CEO - AddCode

Fabio is the CEO of AddCode, a subsidiary YLD company that provides dedicated teams to our clients. A Computer Science graduate with extensive Software Engineering and Pragmatic Analysis experience, Fabio is focused on our Portuguese company’s operations and finance.

The YLD group

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Creating long term projects through an agnostic stack development.

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Crafting successful technology products and services that leverage modern tactics to build defensible, high-quality products for us, our customers, and the entrepreneurs we work with.

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