YLD! Conference Season

Conference season is heating up!

We already had Nuno speak at WebRebels about the performance work we often do for our customers

Now we are very excited to announce our upcoming events. If you are attending make sure you come and say Hi!


Pedro and Nuno are part of the founding team at LXJS. This years edition (27 & 28 June) will focus on a more intimate setting for attendees, with a split focus between the talks and the workshops that run during the conference.

Tim Park will be leading the IoT workshop, with a little help from Nuno. Pedro will be around too.


The first Node Road event in Europe is happening in Lisbon on the 29th of June. Nuno will be hosting the guests. One of our flagship IoT customers, Rudi de Sousa, will be speaking about his experience building Hive.

The event is fully free of charge.

London NodeConf

Last year we had The Great British Node Conference. This year we partnered up with Mikeal and James to bring to your the first ever NodeConf London, happening on July 19th!

Tickets go on sale on June 19th.


We have been tinkering with running a Docker Conference for more than a year now. Tim is leading the first ever London based DockerConf on the 12th of September.

Call for Speakers is currently happening, so feel free to submit a talk by July 12th!

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Written by YLDJune 13th, 2014

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