The return of Node Tuts

When I first started developing in Node (back in version 0.1) there weren’t many resources around that you could learn from. I had to learn mostly by myself, experimenting and reading the node source code. I was then challenged by a friend to produce some screencasts on the subject. And so NodeTuts was born.

The website and the videos suffered many iterations, mostly some due to the fact that Node and the surrounding packages were a moving target.

Even though the video production is amateurish — just quick snippets I recorded when I had some minutes and an interesting subject to show — every time I went to a conference there was at least one person coming saying how NodeTuts was important in their process of learning this new platform. You’re all in my heart.

It’s now with great pleasure that I announce the new version of NodeTuts!

In this new version episodes will no longer be sequential, but organized into a list of series, each with it’s own plot line.

To this date I have published 12 episodes, but I plan to publish at least one additional episode per week (except when I’m on vacation).

I also plan to add new series, and for that I’ll need your feedback.

Overall I hope to show both newcomers and also developers with some experience some of the interesting things that you can accomplish with this fun platform. Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy making them!

Published by Pedro Teixeira on YLD Engineering Blog

Written by YLDFebruary 24th, 2015

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