require(‘lx’) goes International

Require(‘lx’) is a meetup group for Javascript developers, lovers, enthusiasts and explorers in Lisbon. Its community organises NodeSchool Lisbon as well as a monthly meetup with talks from the community to the community. Last month the date for the meetup coincided with the presence of most of our London team in Lisbon, so it was really great that we were able to confirm that the meetup would have an exclusively YLD London lineup of speakers.

Dubbed require(‘lx’) goes international and co-organised with the Docker Lisbon community, our own Hassy, Tom, Luke and Andrew had the privilege of showing the Lisbon community the latest and greatest of the Node.js and Docker world in one of the most attended meetups of late.

First up was Hassy showing everyone how they could create their infrastructure with Terraform and later provision those machines using Ansible. All in all, it was a great starting talk and it got the crowd going.

Afterwards, Tom had the chance to show some tricks to those attending on how to measure performance on a Node.js application, by profiling it and generating flamegraphs and .cpuprofile files with all the necessary information. A great talk about a topic that mostly goes unchecked. We can only ask you to stay tuned since we might have some news about this theme in a future post.

After a quick break, Luke started his introduction of Docker to the Node.js developer, going through all the steps of creating an image, publishing it and then running a small API made with Node.js with the image created before. We also had a quick sneak peak at Paz, but unfortunately we ran into some technical difficulties at some point through the talk and don’t have video for that part.

And last but not the least the outstanding Andrew taught us how to build and test Docker containers based on his extensive knowledge on the subject acquired over the years. Be sure to watch it even if you have some knowledge and had contact with Docker before, since Andrew really shows all of his knowledge.

Published by Fábio Oliveira on YLD Engineering Blog

Written by YLDJune 15th, 2015

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