Nano client donation to the Apache Software Foundation

YLD! just donated Nano to the Apache Software Foundation.

Nano is a minimalistic http client for CouchDB that was mostly developed by Nuno Job and Pedro Teixeira. Currently it is maintained by Johannes J. Schmidt.

The Nano client donation further strengthens commitment to Open Source and to technological innovation, following our recently announced membership to the Node Foundation.

We always felt it was important to have standard clients to access databases. Node.js is incredibly democratic in this process and throughout the years many clients were developed. Given CouchDB stability and the fact nano is a mature project, it makes sense to give people a default solution to use CouchDB.

Jan Lehnardt, Vice President of Apache CouchDB at the Apache Software Foundation (or VP of Apache CouchDB at the ASF) said “We are very happy to welcome Nano at the ASF and we thank YLD! as well as Nuno and Pedro for their hard work creating a world-class CouchDB client library. As part of Apache CouchDB, Nano will enjoy great contributions from a strong community, as well as compatibility with the upcoming CouchDB 2.0 release.”

The code is located at:;a=summary The GitHub mirror is available now:

If you are new to CouchDB you can check out the CouchDB handbook. If you have never used Node or Nano, feel free to refer to our blog posts and screencasts. Finally, if you want a deep dive into Node including using nano you can check Pedro Teixeira’s professional Node.js book.

Happy hacking everyone!

Published by Laura Plaga on YLD Engineering Blog

Written by YLDJuly 24th, 2015

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