Two Years, Two Tips ✌

Letícia is our wonderful People and Operations Manager here at YLD and today she celebrates her 2 year working anniversary. To mark this we asked her to look back on her time spent and share with us two of her learnings from this time.

Tip #1 Communication is Key

Something you’ve learned from YLD

This is something that holds true in pretty much every context in life, but this is utterly necessary when working with multicultural remote teams.

During these two years at YLD, I’ve had the opportunity to work with high-performing, cross disciplinary, diverse remote teams that offered me a great deal of challenges where the common denominator was the pivotal role of communication.

The development of an assertive style of communication in this professional context is obviously expected to ensure the message is delivered effectively, however at YLD we continuously place a premium on communicating positively with empathy and respect. This approach is perpetuated across teams which has a direct positive impact on our organisational engagement and commitment.

Tip #2 Collaboration is The Way  

Something you have taught yourself

It sounds like a NYT Bestseller title, but I can assure you it’s true.

My last couple of years at YLD allowed me to understand how teamwork is the ultimate strength. In the past, I would’ve probably described myself as the typical individual contributor, where success was defined by the work I did.

This belief, however, was quickly challenged by being exposed to complex, relevant and impactful projects where collaboration was essential. When we decide to collaborate, we are offered the chance to access other people’s visions, experiences and expectations which will inevitably shape our end product for the absolute best.

Our recent mental health project is the living proof that teamwork is not only necessary, it is imperative. Only deep collaboration would allow us to explore the necessary multitude of perspectives on such a vital topic.

YLD’s Learning From Letícia  

It is a two way street

Again, it may sound like some words of wisdom you rolled your eyes at as a teenager but the older we get the more we understand. Our staff learn by joining the YLD Team, but we as a company can only grow by learning also from the amazing people that make our company what it is. Thank you Letícia for your time here and we look forward to what the future brings.

Two Years, Two Tips ✌🏼 was originally published in YLD Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Two Years, Two Tips ✌
was originally published in YLD Blog on Medium.
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