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From concept to product we build high performance, stable node.js products. Responsible for some of the largest Node.js solutions in production today. We are based in London.

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Nuno Job

Nuno is a Director at YLD! Nuno was the Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu where he was responsible for all enterprise customer engagements and the worlds largest Node.js cloud. Nuno has helped shape a new breed of document database technology with his work at IBM Research and MarkLogic. Hacker at heart, open-source enthusiast, Nuno has performed roles ranging from Community, Training, Marketing, Pre-sales, and Engineering. He is the founder of The Node Firm, an american Node.js consultancy agency. Nuno serves as an advisor to Nodejitsu and many other Node.js businesses. He works from the YLD London office.

Pedro Teixeira

Pedro is a Principal Consultant at YLD. He's a Software Engineer by formation and spends his time working on Node.js applications. He's the author of some Node.js modules, the Node Tuts screencast show, and the Hands-on Node.js e-book. He is a Wiley published author. Pedro worked for Nodejitsu (the leading Node.js PaaS), CrowdProcess and BrowserSwarm, launched several side projects and worked in software security in past incarnations.

Igor Soarez

Igor is a Senior Consultant at YLD. Software Engineer with a diversified background, he has previously worked for CrowdProcess, Sapo , governmental organizations. He currently does training in Web Development for the banking industry.

Arunoda Susiripala

Arunoda is a Senior Consultant at YLD. He has worked with NodeJS since 2011 and has an in depth knowledge in NodeJS and related technologies. His recent works includes performance and rendering improvement of MeteorJS Realtime Framework which builds on top the NodeJS. He blogs often at meteorhacks.com and writes for Sitepoint and Tuts+ in his spare time. Previously, he has helped few startups to get started with their technology stack and helped to build a SMS based application development platform for a Sri Lankan Telco Provider. He also addicted to GitHub and OpenSourced a lot of projects.

Pedro Dias

Pedro is a Senior Consultant at YLD. Fullstack engineer with a developer background. University Lecturer on software development; responsible for the largest independent Portuguese internet service provider where he worked on the overall architecture, networking, servers, all the way to software development. Addicted to NodeJS for some years, in the past year he has been developing Node Checker, a service that tests all npm modules in existence. He also maintains several docker related modules on Github

Maciej Małecki

Maciej is a Senior Consultant at YLD. Software engineer with a passion for NodeJS, infrastructures and operations. Maciej previously worked at Nodejitsu as a Senior DevOps Engineer, taking care of the biggest NodeJS cloud in existance. His open source projects and contributions can be found on his GitHub.

Joaquim Serafim

Joaquim is a Senior Consultant at YLD. He has using NodeJS in production since 2011 in a Fleet management company, Com-UT, where he changed the back end structure from C++/C# and MSSQL to NodeJS and MongoDB. Joaquim has previously worked at Portuguese Army and Portuguese Civil Protection (ANPC) as Software Developer and Database administrator. His open source projects and contributions can be found on his GitHub.