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Node.js performance training

This course will empower your team with the knowledge to identify, troubleshoot and improve performance issues in Node.js applications.




A solid understanding of JavaScript and Node.js

Pre-requisite Courses

Node.js Advanced

Defining and measuring performance

  • How to approach performance issues

  • The importance of defining goals before working on performance issues

  • How to define goals

  • What units to use

  • Reviewing good and bad examples

Load generation

  • The need to apply load

  • Using artillery

Tools and techniques for monitoring

  • Define the resources; what they are and how big they are

  • CPU usage; number of processes, number of cores

  • Define a watermark

Network, minimum latency, maximum bandwidth

  • The event loop and measuring its lag

  • How the event loop works

  • How can we measure the event loop lag

  • Meet too-busy-js and process._getActiveHandles()

Profiling CPU usage

  • How CPU can be a bottleneck

  • Generating flamegraphs

  • Interpreting flamegraphs

  • Playing with flamegraphs

GCs impact on performance

  • How the GC works

Heap analysis

  • Generating dumps

  • Analysing dumps