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Lean development training

This course enables your engineering team to understand the different agile approaches to software development, giving them the tools they need to adapt their process, making it more effective, and therefore increasing their speed (and happiness!)




Programming experience

Pre-requisite Courses



An introduction to Lean and the origins of Lean Software Development including the Toyota Production System, Just-in-Time, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Product Development


An introduction to Kanban and creating our Kanban board for the course. We will update this and refer to it throughout the course.

Theory of Constraints

An exercise to help understand the Theory of Constraints


A discussion and exercise using the Kano model to explore value to the business, customer and consumer


Explore at a high-level the seven principles of Lean Software Development


Explore the seven wastes and draw a value stream map to help understand how we eliminate waste


Look at how we can build quality in. Participants will share stories of when this has been done both well and poorly in their past or current teams.


Understand how we create and retain knowledge, creating A3 reports in groups

Defer Commitment

Explore ways to decide as late as possible and understand why that is a good thing

Deliver Fast

Look at Queuing Theory and pull systems. Try the Sailboat technique.


Do your teams feel trusted and respected? And your partners? How can you move from storming, through norming to performing?

Systems Thinking

How to avoid suboptimization and optimize the whole. Identify local measurements that may be part of the problem rather than the solution.


An opportunity to reflect on what we have learned, to think about how we can continue to learn and what we’re going to do next to put our learnings to use