We provide tailor-made engineering training programs, addressing the needs of your team to ensure a genuine growth of your skills arsenal

Understanding your needs

Understanding your needs

We start our collaboration by running a comprehensive engineering survey to build a solid understanding of the skills needed by your team, their current knowledge of these skills, and your key business objectives.

Tailored content

Tailored content

We then build your personalised engineering program, matching mentored pair programming sessions with classroom and Q&A style training across our varied course catalogue, addressing different expertise levels to meet the specific needs of your team.

Tangible impact

Tangible impact

Finally, we run another engineering survey. This is to create reports on how your team has developed and improved, and to provide certification where applicable.

Training formats

We thoughtfully tailor training based on your needs and expertise.

icon pair programming

Pair programming

Our pair programming training enables teams to discover their unlimited potential; learning from seasoned professionals while delivering high quality, functional platforms and seeing improvements in communication, collaboration and even job satisfaction.

  • One-on-one tutoring

  • Rich breakout sessions; workshops and independently led work

  • Our experts assist in delivering production-grade platforms

  • Sessions on-premises or at YLD offices

  • A minimum of 3 months’ engagement

  • Up to 5 participants for each instructor

  • icon-workshops


    We offer a variety of instructor-lead, hands-on classes in open source technologies such as Node.js, Docker, and React.js. For more detailed information or to request a training brochure just get in touch.

  • A maximum of 12 students per class

  • Lasting between 2 and 5 days

  • Essentials and Advanced training both available

  • Specialised courses in performance; security; micro-services and code practices available

  • Students bring their own devices ready to install the necessary software

  • icon-certification


    Our certification program is designed to identify outstanding talent. Using the same techniques air forces use to test pilots, our unique platform focuses on assessing an engineer’s skill and fundamental understanding of the framework they’re using.

  • An open book test with access to the internet

  • Assessments of true technical ability

  • Assessments of delivery velocity

  • Results can be used as a benchmarking exercise for a thorough skills education plan as well as for certification

  • Available remotely

  • Featured work

    Kingfisher case study preview image


    Kingfisher: support, scale, adapt


    Kingfisher: support, scale, adapt

    Kingfisher used our Node.js expertise to bring scalability and adaptability to their team; enabling them to quickly build resilient services that can withstand a challenges.

    Thomas Cook case study preview image

    Thomas Cook

    Reinforcing the Thomas Cook architecture

    Thomas Cook

    Reinforcing the Thomas Cook architecture

    We upskilled 16 engineers, so the team were able to actualise the interface needed to provide a better, unique customer-facing experience.

    Trainline case study preview image


    Future-proofing Trainline


    Future-proofing Trainline

    We wrapped the platforms in an efficient and scalable Node.js layer, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

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