Node.js is the fastest growing open source platform in the world. It empowers us to increase our iteration speed and the quality of our work, using a known language that underpins the entire web: JavaScript.


Why use Node?


Node.js allows us to manage high loads, making it perfect for handling peak demand.

Customer experience

With Node.js we can manage very complex API layers and offer a seamless customer experience.


Developers love using Node.js and that’s reflected directly in their productivity and job satisfaction.

Node.js training

Our expert engineers offer hands-on training and practical education to help you succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

icon on prem
On-premise classes

Instructor-led, hands-on classes that cover open source technologies like Node.js, React.js and Docker.

icon certification
Certification programmes

Assess the technical ability of your team with our certification programmes, designed to identify your outstanding talents.

icon pair programming
Pair programming

Your teams learn from seasoned professionals while delivering high quality, functional platforms.

node foundation

Node.js community

YLD was one the first members of the Node.js Foundation, whose purpose is to support the ongoing growth and evolution of the Node.js platform, while maintaining a collaborative environment that benefits all.

From the blog

Node.js  articles created by members of YLD for the community.


NodeJS tutorials created by members of YLD for the community.

Talk to us about Node.js 

Whether its a project you need help with or training. We love to talk about all things Node.

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