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The Economist

Delivering a better reading experience with React and Node
Mark Brincat, Chief Technology Officer
Angelo Repole, Head of Front End Development

Thomas Cook

Delivering a unique customer experience and changing culture
Pascal Laenen
Group Head of NUMO Labs


Enhancing the user experience
with Node and Docker
Mark Holt
Chief Technology Officer

Our great Customers

Other projects we’ve managed

One of the most influential video messaging apps available, boasting millions of users, could not afford to lag in performance or capacity. This is where YLD stepped in. Bringing world class expertise in troubleshooting production systems without disruption of services, YLD was able to identify the source of their latency issues, and scale the platform to nearly 5x their user amount.

A multinational retailing company, and the largest home improvement retailer in Europe, wanted to refresh their middle layer service to integrate their enterprise services with their in-store mobile app. YLD implemented some microservices that both simplified and scaled the existing architecture, while helping the client introduce best practices and upskill their development teams.

The UK’s largest energy and home services provider desired an updated web front-end for their call center in addition to restructuring their backend system. YLD offered architectural experience, helping introduce a new backend strengthened by Node.js and a fresh self-managing Docker system, which in turn enabled the client achieve a faster time-to-market.

One of the largest digital education companies, and home to the world’s largest online teacher community, was seeking advice on how to update their online legacy platform. YLD worked with the client’s team, providing Node.js and DevOps expertise to build a highly tested and scalable new microservices architecture that allowed them to manage large volume of requests.