Styled Components

Styled Components is a layout and styles solution within React apps. It solves the maintenance and interdependence issues of CSS while maintaining top performance.

Styled Components v2

Why use Styled Components?


Maintaining the styling of apps over time is easier and more straightforward.


Using Styled Components promotes and simplifies the creation of styles that are contained to the components that need them.


Apps stay as responsive as if we’re using CSS without sacrificing performance.

Styled Components training

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On-premise classes

Instructor-led, hands-on classes that cover open source technologies like Styled Components, React.js and Docker.

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Pair programming

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Styled Components community

At YLD, we’ve been using Styled Components since its inception and have contributed to the library as well as creating additional tools around it.

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Upcoming Styled Components events

It looks like there currently aren’t any upcoming Styled Components events. You can always check back again later or get in touch if you are interested in potentially hosting one.