Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. provide managed services to take care of almost all of users’ messaging and data storage needs. The serverless paradigm is about leveraging these services in combination with the highly granular deployment of application code, or what is also known as Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS).

Serverless v2

Why use Serverless?


Building from scratch with serverless reduces ongoing and future maintenance work, as everything is managed by the a cloud provider.

Elastic scalability

Serverless allows for rapid evolution to enable greater innovation, without having to manage a fixed infrastructure.

Decreased time to market

As using serverless means you don’t have to rebuild basic infrastructure, you’re able to focus on your business logic and needs.

Serverless training

Our expert engineers offer hands-on training and practical education to help you succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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On-premise classes

Instructor-led, hands-on classes that cover open source technologies like Styled Components, React.js and Serverless.

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Certification programmes

Assess the technical ability of your team with our certification programmes, designed to identify your outstanding talents.

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Pair programming

Your teams learn from seasoned professionals while delivering high quality, functional platforms.

Serverless community

At YLD, we’ve delivered Serverless solutions since its infancy, as languages we’re experts in like JavaScript (Node.js) and Golang are a great fit for serverless applications.

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Upcoming Serverless events

It looks like there currently aren’t any upcoming Serverless events. You can always check back again later or get in touch if you are interested in potentially hosting one.

Blog posts

Serverless articles created by members of YLD for the community.