React.js makes it painless to create and build encapsulated components that manage their own state, then compose them to make complex, interactive UIs.

React v2

Why use React.js?


The way React.js incentivises you to build applications makes them highly maintainable.


Due to its component-based approach, all its elements are reusable and adaptable.


React.js is fast. Whether it’s for UI rendering or server-side rendering, it supports both with ease.

React.js training

Our expert engineers offer hands-on training and practical education to help you succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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On-premise classes

Instructor-led, hands-on classes that cover open source technologies like, React.js, Node.js and Docker.

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Certification programmes

Assess the technical ability of your team with our certification programmes, designed to identify your outstanding talents.

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Pair programming

Your teams learn from seasoned professionals while delivering high quality, functional platforms.

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React.js community

At YLD we’re passionate about React.js and always look ways to give back to the community of React.js technology. We support many React.js initiatives, conferences and open source tools and have started our own communities - ReactFest and React.js Girls conferences.

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Upcoming React.js events

It looks like there currently aren’t any upcoming React.js events. You can always check back again later or get in touch if you are interested in potentially hosting one.

Blog posts

React.js articles created by members of YLD for the community.