We enable you to adopt emerging technologies and grow powerful engineering teams with a strong focus on open source development.

Your needs

Your needs

We aim to get a solid understanding of our clients' needs and key business objectives, constraints, vision and how best to measure to outcomes we want to achieve.

Your bespoke team of experts

Your bespoke team of experts

We curate the right team of experts in software engineering, architecture, delivery, product and design to work alongside your teams, focusing on collaboration and driving rapid iteration towards the chosen metrics.

Our action plan and transformation strategy

Our action plan and transformation strategy

We'll document what we've learnt through the process and structure our proposal. And, by putting the challenges your company faces into context, we'll determine the best path to success.

Transform & Deliver

icon microservices


We lead with a microservices mentality focused on relevant backend technologies.

  • Increase code quality

  • Dedicated team running the core platforms

  • Move from bottlenecked processes to a business fulfillment tool

icon developer documentation

Developer documentation

To achieve independence from the core platform, we create and uphold extensive documentation.

  • Teams are able to use core platforms independently

  • Drivers are provided and maintained by the core teams

  • Unauthorised drivers are banned from production, reducing unnecessary risk

Icon open source

Open source development

Open source communities attract the best talent, and we encourage you to create a presence within those developers and their innovations.

  • Our Developer Advocates help contribute to open source projects

  • Run learning events with your immediate and extended community

  • Attract talent while nurturing your company’s internal culture

icon vertical teams

Cross-functional teams

We put together teams that include engineers, a delivery manager, a software engineer in test, DevOps engineers, and a product manager. They then focus on:

  • Collaboration; making sure we’re all working to fulfil the same clear goal

  • Including and scrutinising all the areas needed to deliver value, without being blocked

  • Bringing different views and priorities to the product’s table, and in doing so, helping us build the right thing

icon pair programming

Pair programming

Our pair programming training mean existing teams learn from seasoned professionals while delivering high quality, functional platforms.

  • One-on-one tutoring

  • Rich breakout sessions

  • Programming workshops and independently led work

Support & Sustain

Continuous innovation

We want to be sure that by the time our engagement ends, you and your team are capable of continuous innovation and delivery. Part of this assurance is supporting your growth for the future.

Dedicated teams

These teams of YLD engineers work exclusively for you. They enable a very strategic and long-term way of scaling your software engineering teams, ensuring all domain knowledge remains in-house.

Lasting culture

We help you bring new employees into your product teams, up-skilling them and enabling them to continue the progress we’ve made together.

Featured work

The Economist case study preview image

The Economist

Migrating The Economist platform

The Economist

Migrating The Economist platform

We created a mobile-first, content-led, better reading experience for global digital users, improving the site architecture while delivering a more flexible solution.

Trainline case study preview image


Future-proofing Trainline


Future-proofing Trainline

We wrapped the platforms in an efficient and scalable Node.js layer, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

Kingfisher case study preview image


Kingfisher: support, scale, adapt


Kingfisher: support, scale, adapt

Kingfisher used our Node.js expertise to bring scalability and adaptability to their team; enabling them to quickly build resilient services that can withstand a challenges.

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