Usability Testing

Usability Testing brings products, or prototypes, together with their audiences to better understand product perception and to identify usability issues. This enables iteration, improving and tailoring the product to your audience before it’s even built.

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Why Usability Testing?

Reduce risks

Validate your product and avoid wasting time on solutions that are irrelevant or unclear to your users.

Save time and cost

Identify and respond to issues quickly while improving products iteratively, avoiding any sudden large-scale changes.

Gain granular insights

Isolate the causes of success and failure by testing specific parts of the product. Identify issues precisely and measure the effectivity of your solutions.

Usability Testing
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How do we work with Usability Testing?

We combine multiple Usability Testing methods to iterate on your product. We adapt our methodology to each project and improve on it constantly. Some of the most broadly known practices we apply include:

  • Low and high fidelity prototyping

  • Heuristic evaluation

  • Cognitive walkthroughs

  • Guerilla testing

  • A/B testing

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Upcoming Usability Testing events

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