Learnerbly: Accelerating professional growth


Learnerbly: Accelerating professional growth

Connecting with the startup Learnerbly in its early stages meant we were able to work freely with them to create a platform to help companies manage their staff’s professional development.

Following our initial engagement with Learnerbly, the company went on to secure £1.6 million seed financing.

The problem

Professional training can be challenging. The ‘Learners’ that want to progress in their profession often need help clarifying their learning needs, finding and validating the quality of training resources, and securing funding from their employer. While the ‘Trainers’ that provide courses can find it difficult to promote themselves, manage billing and give feedback. Plus the ‘Sponsors’ such as startup founders and HR managers can struggle to find the best course providers for their teams’ specific needs, and to measure course effectiveness.

The solution

We’ve created a platform that enables employees to explore and review learning resources curated by experts from companies including Eventbrite, Google, Airbnb and IDEO. And companies can manage their employee learning budgets using tools that track spending while monitoring feedback. Following our initial engagement with Learnerbly, the company went on to secure £1.6 million seed financing in the summer of 2017.


We wanted to guarantee that every user had a tailored experience. By prompting users to identify their areas of interest, the platform helps them find relevant courses faster and easier.

Staying on target

The learning and budget management dashboard helps users keep track of their learning progress, what they’re spending and any new relevant courses. On top of that, learners are encouraged to regularly review their learning goals and request new courses.

Curated courses

Each of the courses is bundled with a detailed description and reviews from peers and industry experts, enabling users to make an informed decision and apply.

A clear perspective

The sponsor’s dashboard provides an overview of employees’ progress accompanied by their feedback, helping sponsors gain insight into how effective the company's learning and development strategy really is.