Application awareness for Joyent

Application awareness for Joyent

The challenge

In late 2016 we began a long-term collaboration with San Francisco-based Joyent, now part of Samsung, well-known in the field of cloud computing and application virtualisation. The goal of the project was to create an application management platform, incorporating Joyent’s cloud infrastructure service, Triton and application orchestration software, ContainerPilot.

Triton is a successful cloud infrastructure service provider, but by integrating app management features we were able to create a more well-rounded, stand-alone product dubbed CoPilot.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on enables users to set up an account that can be used to collaborate with multiple resource owners.


The CoPilot navigation system provides users with a clear understanding of, and the means to switch between, projects and organisations, while supporting a service-centric approach to app management.

App deployment

CoPilot enables users to quickly and effectively deploy mutli-service applications by defining its services and environment variables.


Understanding of the application’s architecture is supported by the topology feature; a visual representation of services and connections between them.

The big picture

The system facilitates users’ understanding of how services are performing, grouping together its services and resources to give a broader context of the overall application.

Metrics visualisation

Summarising multiple data points into just one value can obscure important information. To avoid that, CoPilot utilises box plots. These provide a neat way of graphically describing the distribution of data and identify

Monitoring and alerting

Users can create threshold alerts by defining types of behaviour and time aggregation.