YLD Perspectives: Marta Fernandes

One of our ‘insiders’ will be giving us an insight into their career, and what it’s really like to work for YLD.

What is your name?
Marta Fernandes

What is your role at YLD?
Software Engineer in Porto.

What did you do before joining YLD?
I was a JavaScript Developer for a gaming company in Porto.

Why did you decide to have a career in Software Engineering and what advice would you give to someone going through the same route as you?

I have always loved computers and I was curious as to how things were done. I always wanted to be involved in developing because of this curiosity. Any advice?

Just go for it, change your mindset and practice, practice, practice… You’ll get it!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

If you don’t succeed, try harder. You’re gonna get it!

What are you most proud of in your career?
I never gave up, even during the hard times.

What are you currently working on?
I’m implementing all the Sign-Up and Sign In process of a React.js + MobX (MobX State Tree, to be more specific) app. I am also working with payment methods (such as Credit/Debit Card, Direct Debit…) including integration with PayPal service.

How does working at YLD differ to the companies you’ve worked at before?
I enjoy how I am being mentored — but also having the opportunity to mentor others! Along with the training opportunities we have here too.

What tech are you excited about at the moment?
Right now, due to the project I’m working on, my focus goes to the frameworks I haven’t worked with. First, it was MobX (I was only used to Redux) and now I am really focused on unit testing frameworks: Enzyme + AVA.

What are you looking forward to in the future with YLD?
Of course, improving my tech skills is important: to learn new tech frameworks (and in FE development they are so volatile…), to know more about the existing ones… However, soft skills are also important. So what about sharing my knowledge with somebody, or even improving my communication skills? Whatever can help me improve, not only as a developer but also as a person.

What is your professional long-term goal?
To inspire somebody!

You can find Marta online here:

martafernandes (Marta Fernandes)


Written by Emily Rising — Talent Associate at YLD.

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Written by YLDSeptember 19th, 2018

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