WDCNZ 2015

WDCNZ is a conference for Web Developers in Wellington, New Zealand. The fifth edition took place on 22nd and 23rd July 2015.

Day 1 was entirely dedicated to workshops. There were two all day workshops happening in parallel, one given by the incredible Estelle Weyl (check out her books) on mastering CSS3 and one given by myself and Hassy Veldstra on Node.js Performance.

The main event took place on day 2, with around 400 people attending. It featured a great selection of speakers and talks:

All videos should be published soon; follow WDCNZ on Vimeo and Twitter so you won’t miss them.

There was a very lively and interesting panel on the future of CSS. I was surprised by how the opinions developers have on this matter can be very different.

The conference as a whole offered a very diverse selection of subjects relevant to any modern web developer.

It all happened thanks to Owen Evans and Charlotte Hinton, who did a flawless job in organnising the event. A big shout out to them!

Me and Hassy were very fortunate to have been invited to be a part of this outstanding conference.

Our workshop focussed, in particular, on finding, understanding and dealing with performance issues related to Node.js. It comprised CPU profiling, memory analysis, tracing, and dealing with the most frequent issues we see people run into when using Node.js. Some materials are available on GitHub.

Our talk was about running Node in production, troubleshooting and avoiding problems in the first place, featuring Load testing and CPU profiling.

Performance is a big part of our consulting work and we never stop learning from new and interesting cases. It is something we really love talking about and working on, and we also love doing trainings. If you’re interested reach out to us at training@yld.io.

Written by: Igor Soarez

Originally published at blog.yld.io on August 3, 2015.

Written by YLDAugust 3rd, 2015

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